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Mon to Fri

2nd May -  6th May
6:30 pm to 7:00 pm
BONUS: How to Train Your 5 to 7 Year Old For MATH?
Secret 1: Top 10 Math Challenges Children Face
This can prove to be dangerous to your child. Let's unlock all sabotaging beliefs.
Secret 2: 5 Common Math Myths That Parents Have
Let's train your child to get a life-long interest rather than training for an exam.
Secret 3: 3 Step Foolproof Strategy That Works
A step by step process that makes your child confident and comfortable with Math.
How Does
5 Day Mental Math Training Work?
LIVE Sessions
Everyday we train you on one Mental Math Trick through our LIVE SESSIONS which is followed by a practice worksheet and a daily game to reinforce the trick and the concept.

Are you ready to take the LEAP?
SMALL Break Out Rooms
Children become confident when they are given personalised attention and the same trick is reinforced by a different mentor. We have our entire team and squad ready to help your child breakthrough his fears and Enjoy and Love Math.

6:30 pm to 7:00 pm
 Masterclass With PARENTS
Let's connect where we share 3 Secrets on how to prepare your 5 to 7 year old for Math and not only that gain insane clarity on the way forward.

8:00 pm to 9:00 pm


What is the right age group of this program?
This 5 Day Challenge is apt for 5 to 7 year olds who have started with their journey on Math.
If you are a parent who is looking in for Mental Math Calculations with an all round development of the child then this is the best place to be in.
We promote Mental Calculations right from Day 1 with no dependency on fingers, tool or any calculator.

Is this Abacus?
Well, we train children on our unique style of calculations based on Vedic Math using visualizing techniques and
 raising their number awareness by unlocking the power of number patterns.

Will it help my child?
Beyond doubt,  certainly it will, experience it for yourself.

I am still not sure if my child qualifies for the 5 Day Challenge.
This program is apt for 5 to 7 year old children, Grade 1 and Grade 2. They should know numbers till 100 in the ascending and the descending order.

What all does it include?
The program is spread across 5 Days where every day from Monday to Friday, we conduct power packed 30 MINUTE LIVE SESSIONS
along with a worksheet of 20 sums and a daily quiz to be done.
We are very clear in our approach because we truly believe in LIFE CHANGING RESULTS. 

My child is busy with school and other online classes.  Will he be able to cope up?
Now that's the best part, We understand that they are small and hence we believe in a structured approach.
Every single day we teach them only 1 trick followed by a practice worksheet and a Mental Math Quiz.
Taking into consideration worksheet solving the entire activity does not take more than 15 minutes of your time.
 Moreover the tricks are so interesting that the kids look forward to the videos for the next day.  

How does it work?
LIVE CLASSES everyday from 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm, Monday to Friday.
If you miss any particular day, you can join the program in the coming week.

Will it confuse my child? Will it interfere with School Math?
Well, it will only help your child to leverage the power of numbers and understand number patterns in depth.
And now the best part with these techniques  your child will calculate faster in school and cross check calculations much to the surprise of all.

I am convinced, how do I go ahead?
We only want people who are serious and disciplined who are ready to implement to buy from us.
We have worked with students all over the globe and we have full confidence in our product and we know that it works.
It is for this reason we want you to try it at a nominal price of Rs. 99/-
So only if you are SERIOUS & READY to take-off, go ahead and register and I see you on the inside.

Any questions, we are here to help.
Just drop in a mail to support@mentalmaths.in and we will get back to you.

What Our Clients Are Saying?

- Anjali Wankhede -
l am so much thankful to Sandhya Bajaj Ma'am and her teaching is fantabulous as my son is good in studies but talking about Maths made him nervous and under confident, was worried for him. Once I was scrolling Facebook updates Sandhya Ma'am Vedic Maths video makes me to take decision and  enrolled my Son. I have attended all the webinar of ma'am and even the worksheet was given to solve per day and weekly submission of the same have made him confident and rapid changes in him was so massive all thanks to Sandhya ma'am the way she is teaching making every student to be keen  to understand the technique. And she is so humble and have talked personally with the student and have assured to be always there if any help is required. So its a lifetime connection with Ma'am teachings. I will be happy to recommend her teaching and get enrolled your kids to make them excellent in all the way. Wish you all the best Ma'am. 

- Hansa Iyer -
I have done Mental Maths as well as Foundation Maths with Sandhya Ma'am for my daughter. She is very good and result oriented. Also very approachable and knowledgeable too. Her classes really helped my daughter to increase her confidence, her speed has increased and also to build a good foundation in Maths. 
I really thank her from my bottom of my heart for all her efforts. Looking forward to taking more sessions with her.

- Smitha Gawde -
When my son started with Sandhya Bajaj Academy, he was at a stage wherein anything with numbers was a challenge. But now my son actually is having fun with Maths (thanks to Ms. Sandhya). He is not only learning new ways to solve sums, the program has helped him build his confidence in Maths. I am so very grateful!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

- Jyoti Sawant -
My daughter had taken Mastering Tables and Mental Math Genius exclusively for Grade 1  programme. Both programmes are really well organised and helpful in understanding the Maths concepts. My daughter has learnt a lot. Her confidence has improved. She is 6 year old. Now she is calculating mentally. Sandhya mam teaches the best way to learn mental math. She simplified things so children get it easily. Thank you so much Sandhya mam for making such good programmes.

- Preeti Gupta -
My both daughters are students of Sandhya Bajaj. | have become a fan of mam. | am a Chartered Accountant (you can understand my love for Maths) but my elder dauther who is in 5th grade had started hating Maths from 4th standard onwards. | make her take Maths tutions 2 days a week but then also things did not improve. After that I had started teaching her and realised she is scared of calculations / multiplications and tables. I decided to focus on that to make her more confident. But our old primitive methods by which we had learnt (leaning tables by heart) was somehow scaring her and making her loose interest. Then I came across Sandhya mam webinar. | enrolled my daughter for "Mastering Multiplication Course." | have seen a tremendous change in my daughters calculation speed in just one month. She is able to do calculations faster and had started enjoying Maths. She reminds me of the sheets she needs to finish and I have not to chase her. She looks forward for next class with Sandhya mam. 

On a lighter note she says mama you are not lucky like me, you have learnt harder way.

Seeing this I have also enrolled my younger one (1st grader) for" Mental Maths Genius" program. (She was also eager to have her zoom calls.) Her addition was good but was struggling little with subtraction. She was taking longer time in subtraction sums. But after doing half of couse only I can see her subtraction speed has improved and no errors as well. 

| would really recommend parents to make their child go thorough these courses who are facing problem in Maths. Unique zoom calls (kids loving it saying - I have call, earlier only working parents use to say) at comfort of your home, not more than 6 - 7 minutes required daily to practice and solve sheets can really sort out things and make kids more confident.

Sandhya mam's unique technique and tricks of making Maths so easy for kids is really amazing. All the best Mam for this inititave and helping mothers like us.

- Ivanshika Sharma -
I got through Sandhya Bajaj Academy surfing online, and it was a boon for my daughter. Though my daughter is quite an intelligent kid but she wasn't much interested in Maths. Thanks to Indian education system! But when | discovered Sandhya’s Academy, | thought of giving it a try, and yes it worked. | opted for Maths Tables and Mental Math Genius exclusively for Grade 1. We started with Tables program. She was struggling with tables previously, but just one class, (that too online, a major advantage), she started doing multiplication of 2, 4, 8, 3, 6, 12 without mugging up the tables and she was so happy and confident. She started enjoying Maths for the first time. She was doing her calculations mentally, which | always wanted her to do ever since.

Talking about the instructor, she is quite a professional, is thorough with what she is teaching, and the biggest thing - she takes classes all by herself, so the techniques are not diluted. So, | will definitely recommend this program to all the parents out there. | guess it works for each and every age group, even me, as a parent is learning and enjoying Maths. Sandhya is completely justifying her Motto, "Making Maths Simple."

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